Minreview: Starscapes for Mobile

Hello everyone, Ruffimutt/Ruffireviews here! I found this super awesome amazing game called Starscapes on IOS and I decided I wanted to give it a shoutout and a review, so let’s begin! 


I originally found Starscapes from a Facebook ad that came across my feed. I ignored the ad several times thinking it would just be a generic matching game, but eventually the cuteness of the characters featured in the advertisement got the best of me. 

The game is similar to games like Candy Crush but differs in the fact you are trying to defeat all the enemies on the board by matching bubbles near them rather than just trying to get a certain amount of each color. As you would expect the enemies vary depending on what world you. Yes, this game has currently 30 worlds which feature different enemies and a different back drop. Each world has 12+ levels for you to play.


The game centers around the idea of Starmates, which you unlock by opening special containers after each level. Most of these are randomized, however, some are story related. If you pass a level with 3 out of 3 days, you get to pick 3 containers out of 9 to choose from, while if you get anything less you get to choose 1 out of 3. The things you can get from these containers can be stardust which is used to level up your Starmates, fragments which are used to evolve your Starmates, diamonds which are the premium currency and can be used in places of almost all other currency, and emeralds which are used to unlock an additional container. 

All Starmates can evolve 4 times after reaching the max level of 5 on each evolution. This increases the range of their own unique abilities as well as changes their appearance. I must admit some of the final evolution of Starmates look really awesome! There are over 33 Starmates to collect, not counting their evolution!

There is also the ability to add and help friends, which is similar to the system used on Dx2. On your profile you can select one of your Starmates as your favorite, which other players can select and use for one battle to help them out, providing you with extra lives. 

Speaking of lives, this game is actually pretty fair. The game is not outrageously hard and you only lose lives when actually fail a mission, which I have yet to do so although I have gotten low star rankings on levels. This may change as the game gets updated, but I hope it doesn’t. 


In conclusion; I think Starscapes for mobile has serious potential. If you love games with adorable characters and don’t mind the matching formula which many mobile games are using, this is an awesome game you will likely enjoy!

Ruffi’s Rating: 8/10

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